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Child Custody Durban Lawyers

A child custody Durban lawyer serves to represent and practice in the best interest of children where child custody matters are relevant. Family law is stringent when it comes to child custody cases and an experienced custody Durban lawyer will act in the best interest of the child and in accordance with the Children’s Act. Children have rights, and It is often thought that children don’t know what they want and can’t make mature decisions, but every child has the right to express, and be heard, as to where they would like to live. As such, a child custody Durban lawyer will evaluate the child’s will but only accommodate scenarios in which will serve in the child’s best interest and bring the possibilities to court. Other professionals may also get involved to assist in the determination and evaluation processes. Such professionals may include teachers from the child’s school as well as psychologists. In any event, the court will consider all scenarios carefully and make an informed decision. The child’s best interests are always the priority.

Child Custody Lawyers


Child Custody Lawyers


Child Custody Durban Lawyers


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